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How to Minecraft PE to tame a horse?


Often the player at the same time, and need assistant on site, and a means for travel, and a good friend. All this for a player can be a wild horse living on the plains of Minecraft. To tame this mob is quite nice in several ways.

The list of items for taming horses

Of course, it is better to tame a horse — fixing (tying) it to the fence with a rope. But if the subject is not, then the process of domestication will be a long one. So, do not go to this mbei with empty hands, take food that the horse likes is apples, dry grass, wheat, sugar.

We tame a horse
Treat horse treats you can throw it to the saddle and tame. It may reset the rider, so be prepared for such troubles. If you decide to tame a mob without food, prepare multiple crashes. Until she gets tired player will fall to the ground. Eventually, the hero will still be able to tame the animal and throw the saddle. The main secret of this domestication is correctly closer to the creature and click on it with your mouse, but the hand remained free. After the creature become tame, apart from the saddle dress him up in armor that will help in the future to prevent defeat.

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