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How to make a invisible block in Minecraft PE?


Recently Minecraft has delighted its users with the opportunity to build different structures out of invisible blocks. To acquire which can be downloading a special modification InvisiBlocks. After installing the program, the player can enjoy an interesting fixture.

Features invisible blocks

In the construction of buildings (obstacles) it is possible to attach grilles, glass and fence. The feature of the unit is such that it is visible only the upper part of its surface. In order to control the built player can not scrutinize, and are armed with special glasses in order to see everything a secret buildings. Invisible block can be broken, watching him fall off the rock fragments is similar to normal stone block. Having built a secret facility on it you can safely move around and to climb up (proof hanging stairs assembled from invisible materials at the border of the world).

Decided to start to shoot arrows or throw eggs into the invisible blocks? Get that all thrown objects will fly into the void. Using mod InvisiBlocks you can make interesting flying torches and other visually impossible things.

24 Dec 2015
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