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» » How to make a drawbridge trap from?

How to make a drawbridge trap from?

2016-08-27, 16:05:59
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This guide was created for lovers of mechanisms. Here I will teach You how to build a trap in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

To build the trap we will be out of a mechanical bridge that we have built with You before.

Resources required:
  • Pressure plates
  • Repeaters
  • Redstone
  • 2 red torch

    To start breaking the previously installed lever and set the pressure plates:

    Further, we are required to bring the signal to the sticky pistons with a noticeable delay. For this we will use the repeaters. 2 red torch I used to trap was closed, and at activation was opened. Here are the screenshots:

    Check the performance:

    That's right, the trap is activated immediately, letting go the victim some distance.

    To divert attention I tried to install the pressure plates everywhere

    You can think of another way to activate. For example, the thread.

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