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Guardian in Minecraft PE


This guide was created for players who want to know everything about the mobs. Here I will tell You about guardians in Minecraft PE.

The guardian refers to hostile mobs(Attacking player, even if he appeared in the zone of their visibility).

Guardian is a new mob in Minecraft PE, added with the underwater temples in the game. Guardians will only spawn in and around underwater dungeon. Has a 30 hp (15 hearts).

What's with the drop? From simple custody he is humble, for the murder of the guard you will receive: 0-1 Prismarine crystals, 0-2 Prismarine shards and 0-1 raw fish. The guards at the death give 10 experience points if they were killed by a player or tamed wolf.

The guards floating in the water in any direction at the first opportunity by attacking the player or octopus. Their spines removed if the mob is in a calm state or to move quickly. Eye guards always follows the nearest player, even if it has no armor and have the effect of "Invisibility". But in fact, the guard will not attack him. Guards also monitor the players Creativity.

The fight with the guard

The guard attacks the player with the beam: the beam charge for a few seconds and changes color from purple to bright yellow. After full charge, the beam suddenly disappears and deals damage. Guards will float around the player until, until you are at the perfect attack range. From the beam, you cannot Dodge, but the beam does not strike through the blocks.

Custody is very hard to kill in melee, so as a player all the time slows the water. The influence of water can be reduced by drinking a potion of underwater breathing and enchant armor "Depth step".

Against guards, you can use a bow and arrows. Also keep in mind that the arrow flies under water for a distance of not more than 6 units. The guardian cannot shoot as fast as a player with a bow. You can try to kill the guard in melee, but it requires some skill. If the guardian is floating in shallow water, the player can use the fishing rod to pull out of the water, and then to kill him on land.

Farm guardians

Often guardians will spawn in underwater fortresses. You can use sponge to remove water, and then build around underwater fortress walls to avoid repeated flooding. Next, we need to destroy the fortress and spawn iron Golems to kill the guardians, and you could pick up a drop.

The farm is not very efficient, but it works.

05 Sep 2016
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