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Enderman in Minecraft PE


This guide was created for players who want to know everything about the mobs. Here I will tell You about Enderman in Minecraft PE.

Enderman refers to neutral mobs(No harm will come if the player or another mob will not trigger).

Enderman is a neutral mob with a fairly high structure (high-rise 3 blocks). Wanderer around the Edges always appear purple particles, similar to those that hover near the portal to the Lower world. Present in all three dimensions. In a certain probability from the mob can drop Ender pearls(1 piece).

Enderman is a very interesting mob, special attention should be paid to his behavior. Mostly Enderman just walking around and periodically rearranges the blocks, making different sounds. He becomes hostile only under certain conditions. In the daytime, a behavior similar to the behavior of the spider.

If more, Enderman won't attack You until You do not provoke him. Otherwise things are going with the night time: if a player looks at the mob, then he will look a long time to reply, while the player himself will not avert my eyes, then he teleports behind the player and will attack, with all this Enderman opens the jaw, as can be seen from a certain angle. If Enderman to approach closer than 2 units, it is again to do everything the same as I described above. It should also be noted that Enderman can rush at the player from a distance. The main thing — to be in arms and hold Enderman on sight.

Open jaw:

Enderman afraid of rain, snow and water. When a mob encounters something that he is instantly teleported to a safe place.

As for the spawn, then to find this mob not so easy. Enderman appears in dark caves and at night, and quite rare. Very easy to find the biome of the Region.

Some interesting facts:
  • At Enderman's eyes light up, like a spider.
  • To the stranger did not teleport during strikes, it needs to beat the feet.
  • Enderman can't be killed from a bow. He teleports from the arrow to hit him, BUT:

    • If you shoot from a bow enchanted with the Ignition (the arrow effect), Enderman lights (Or get the effect of the boom), despite the fact that you will Dodge the arrows.
    • If Enderman have nowhere to teleport (for example, you can create a wall of water or to remove all the blocks around), then get a bow it is still possible.

  • Enderman takes damage from snowballs.
  • Through the open jaws Enderman is not visible to other entities.
  • Enderman can be filled with sand or gravel, however, he will suffocate and soon die. Teleport covered he can't, but can pick up a thrown a block on it
  • Enderman takes damage from the rain.
  • Most of sounds of Enderman is the voice of people saying "Hi", "Hello" and "What's up", only fired in the opposite direction, slowed down and distorted.
  • In order to Enderman ceased to be aggressive, you can reconnect to the map. Is useful in the measurement Region.
  • If the Enderman is killed the iron Golem, pearls will be dropped with chance 100 %.

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