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Cycle of day and night in Minecraft PE


This guide was created for those who want to know everything about the gameplay. Here I will talk about the change of day and night in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

In Minecraft: Pocket Edition game day lasts 20 real minutes.

The main and the longest period in the game, occupying half of the cycle. Day lasts 10 real minutes.

  • At the beginning of the game cycle begins with this period.
  • The day is characterized by the sun and blue sky in the case of clear weather.
  • The day stands out the light needed for the growth of grass and trees.
  • Daylight dying skeletons and zombies.

    The next period in the game - sunset. The sunset lasts for 90 seconds.
  • In this period, the Sun sets in the West and in the East you can see the Moon.
  • The sky changes color.

    The next period of the night. Lasts 7 minutes.
  • At night hostile mobs appear.
  • In the sky you can see the moon and the stars.
  • The night the Moon has phases.(8)

    The last period of the dawn. Lasts 90 seconds, as well as sunset.
  • The moon sets in the West, and the Sun is seen in the East.
  • The sky changes color.
  • Just after sunrise the Moon changes phase.

    Attitude to the game and real-time:

    • 1 game hour = 50 real seconds.
    • 1 game day = 20 real minutes.
    • 1 game week = 2,333 real hours.
    • 1 game month = 10 real hours.
    • 1 year = 5 days of real time.

    The ratio of real and game time:

    • 1 real hour of play = 3 game days.
    • 1 real day games = 72 games of the day.
    • 1 real week of game = 1,4 years of gaming.
    • 1 real month games = 6 years of gaming.
    • 1 real year = 72 years of gaming.

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