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Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.2


Well, let's talk about this update in detail. Of course wait for the super cool changes not to have, but a lot has changed. Indeed, it was worth the wait of something good from Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.2 still it is the same minecraft that everyone loves.
As you know, Minecraft Pocket Edition is a version of minecraft on Android which will allow you to enjoy your favorite game on your devices. There is also a version and sweat Apple products - minecraft for IOS.
Both these versions are gaining increasing popularity, and, I think, in the near future to surpass the popularity of the PC version. The main thing that gives mcpe is an opportunity to enjoy your favorite game wherever you want and whenever you want! He gives freedom! Why certainly not provide computers. In addition, the interface and gameplay are very comfortable.

New minecraft on Android appears and we constantly monitor all the new developments, in particular for mcpe 0.12.2.

We note importantly, innovations in Minecraft 0.12.2 on your Android. Perhaps start small and finish more important things:

  • Added button to tame an Ocelot in creative mode
  • Always in the destruction of grass you can get grain
  • A new recipe to craft Golden Apple
  • Introduced a function of FOV.

    As you know, in minecraft there are different game modes - the most popular is survival. He is the most difficult, because it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of health food to find a place to stay - just like in real life, only cubic))
    Another interesting mode is creative. It is very different from survival, because you don't need to worry about the limitation of resources and other things. All that is needed is already in your inventory, you are given a huge world - be creative as you want!

    It is also important to note the small improvements that improve the gameplay and actually enhances the fun of the game. And so, we offer you a list of tweaks that will improve your Minecraft 0.12.2.


  • Reduced button flight that has a positive impact on management in General
  • Introduced hints about potions and witchcraft, it is especially useful for beginners
  • Fix heaps of minor bugs

    Here's the whole list of things that will bring you a new version 0.12.2 Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android, of course nothing extraordinary, but it is not enough and is worth a download. The way of perfection is very long and not easy, so you need to be patient and to remember what mine was before and what we have now!

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