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Download Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition, Apk


Download Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition, Apk
Today released the new version of MCPE 1.0.6 beta 1 while the full version is 1.0.5 and have not seen the light. Why it is so, yet it is still unclear, but most likely it is to contract with the holders about the brand "Power Rangers". About that disappeared the Power Rangers we know even after the release of the latest beta versions 1.0.5.

Download Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition, Apk

New Addons & Maps

  • Section "Worlds" are added to the store, which provides a Redstone mansion

  • Features

  • MCPE Apk x86 v1.0.6.0 and MCPE Apk Mod v1.0.6.0 now does not exceed 60 megabytes
  • Optimized the speed of loading the world on intel processors
  • Changed the algorithm of generating random objects. (A random algorithm replaced by a pseudo-randomly)

  • Changes

  • Changes to the game are no longer tied to new updates
  • Now, the range of the jumping Slimes is configured correctly
  • Mobs-kids now make sounds

  • Fixed a bug where when you download something from the store not displayed the cancel button
  • Blocks that are broken with help of Wither now scattered right
  • Pumpkin on the snowmen now be displayed correctly when you change the addon of the size of the mob
  • Arrows fired by a dispenser can affect the entities that are right in front of him
  • Fixed an error occurring when changing the storage location, if there was an active global resource packs

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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    25 Mar 2017
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