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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.10.0


Minecraft 0.10.0 - is the latest version of the popular games in the world. Conditions remain the same – you in the virtual world that has no boundaries and consisting of three-dimensional elements square shape. These cubes are expressing any object of this universe and you can tell are its atoms.

Your activity within this world is to craft and survive. Provide entertainment belongs to the genre of games "sandbox" and is the most prominent representative of this view. It is difficult to imagine that the game is in development, which took only about a week, was able to win so much sympathy. It's like a kind of Canon – every self-respecting gamer, and just people who appreciate good game must try out for yourself all the pleasures of entertainment. Boundless field of activity for bursting with ideas of minds – as close to reality physics of the gameplay and a huge number of formulas, using which you can connect the minerals and elements of the world to get a new item.

In this version of the game designed for other platforms, there is improved graphics, which now is virtually indistinguishable from the PC version, extended function of potions and enchanting, and the red stone becomes operational and can be used to combine complex arrangements together. Full version game for tablet Minecraft PE 0.10.0 in Russian - this is the way out of continuing to use the PC more problematic than the above product of the evolution of computer technology. Download Minecraft 0.10.0 Android just as easy as the further course of the game. Allow yourself to enter a world with infinite possibilities, and believe me, you will want to stay there for a long time.

03 Nov 2015
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