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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.10.0 build 6


And so dear friends, before us for the sixth build of version Minecraft pocket Edition 0.10.0, which brings us step closer to the official version of the game Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.10.0, which will be released very soon, developers have not yet named the exact date of its release, but hinted that they are already very close to it, close to the realization of its release on the world review!
Also according to the developers, (quoted from twitter) "We have submitted beta 6 of the 0.10.0 beta. And we hope, the Assembly 6 will be the last. :)"

List of changes:


  • Fixed problems with saving chunks.
  • Again fixed black screen on Android.
  • Fixed a possible crash of the client when the server shuts down the game.
  • Fixed a bug where crop did not survive.
  • Fixed empty chests and Spawner mobs, found in the mines and fortresses.
  • Connecting to the world as the client no longer resets the position of the last spawn to the place where you registered on the server.
  • Mobs no longer disappear on the server, if the player selects "peaceful" difficulty.
  • While playing on the server, which is "peaceful" difficulty, the game is no longer restores health, if you switch to normal mode difficulty.
  • The underwater fog now correct color in swamps.
  • The walking animation was faster and now its every animal.
  • Mist better visible in the clouds.

  • 05 Nov 2015
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