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Download Minecraft PE 0.17.1, 0.17.0


In this article we will talk about updates MCPE 0.17.0 and when You can download minecraft 0.17.0. Leave a link immediately after the first builds. As well as tell you about the release date.

Let's start. Not so long ago came a update Friendly Update, which added Realms, along with other additions and changes. It is worth noting that this is the first update, which the team of Mojang AB gave an official name.

When will be possible download minecraft 0.17.0 ?

Analyzing the periods between new versions, all known games, we calculated the approximate release Minecraft PE 0.17.0. So is November 2016! Why is it? For the last three release (0.13.0, 0.14.0 and 0.15.0) the average gap between their output amounted to about three months.

Now the most interesting content in the upcoming update.

We won't tell stories about the World and the Ender dragon, because everyone knows that in Minecraft PE simple transfer of the content from the desktop version of this game, and at the moment it is under Alpha testing. Most likely, history will repeat itself like with PC 18 Nov 2011: released release version 1.0.0, which made a huge breakthrough at the time — were added to the Ender World, Potions and Hardcore Mode. However, the PE version has a different type of development (trying to add a whole new and not difficult to write the content) and the development team, but the designations Alpha, Beta and Pre-release has not been canceled. We can only wait and believe that the team of Mojang AB will increasingly delight us with new versions.

To begin, consider a selection of several planned things.

— Painted Glass

Pretty simple to create a block, even if the scripts it creates, which, by the way great show in the game.

And some information for those who know about it the first time.

Stained glass — transparent full-sized block, painted version of ordinary glass. The main purpose of this glass — decorative. Can be obtained by crafting 8 units of ordinary glass and one dye. There are 16 colors of stained glass.

— Book with a Feather

Another simple thing. We think that the Mojang team will not be difficult to add it into the game.

The book with the Pen object used to create custom books. Commonly used in maps in the passage to create the statement or in multiplayer.

— Ender Chest

Quite a useful innovation that will help keep Your belongings safe. The view has similarities with the usual chest, the animation is also the same, but the main feature is the storage system most of those things. If you put two next to the Ender Chest, they will not be one as big as normal chests, even more — all the items placed inside one chest will be available in another. On the server, players will have separate storage, so don't worry about your resources.

— Flag

The flag is a decorative block, with a height of two blocks. It can be placed on top of the unit or on the side, like a plate. Also, it slightly sways. When you create you can choose different colors and patterns are limited only by your imagination. With the help of their strongholds and castles fully converted to receive the fractionation, and the appearance is noticeably improved. Next come the innovations of the sections of the generation and game mechanics.

— Trade

A long time ago Mojang was planning to add the Trading with the villagers in the future. It's been a while, and most likely it will be added in 0.17.0. Trade is a game mechanic that allows the player to exchange items with the villagers using the currency emeralds. Thus it is possible to get items to get that in other ways difficult, for example, chainmail armor, and also quite honestly get the potion of experience.

— Player and Records

After the promised update to the sound engine, just have to add these interesting things. We think you'll like the music from C418. The player is a special block that is used for playing found player records. Planned 12 different plates with melodies that will fall from the creeper, if they kill the skeletons. They can also be found in treasures (but only "cat" and "13"). Records are items that can be placed in the player and reproduce the music in-game.

Latest Beta: Download MCPE 1.14.0 apk
Download MCPE 1.13.0 apk

13 Sep 2016
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Its good. But sorry. Only a certain android doesn't fully installed 0.17.0 & 0.16.0. I cant play with my brother anymore. Please fix it. smile biggrin tq.