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Download Minecraft PE 1.1, 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2

2017-02-01, 01:47:14
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The next global update of the game will be Minecraft PE 1.1. Download Minecraft 1.1.0 may be possible in early 2017. MCPE even more will become similar to the PC version.
Some time passed since last update MCPE. Recall that this was the version Minecraft PE 1.0.0. This update of the game known as Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.17.0, although this is not right!

Game developers have pleased us with the global changes in the MCPE 1.0. For example, added End world, new items, mobs, and increased the height of the world 2 times. But all this is not enough, for this reason comes the release of Minecraft 1.1

Mojang and Microsoft have not commented on the update to Minecraft 1.1. We just assume what innovations it will bring us. I think that the update will fix bugs previous MCPE, particularly with regard to the End. Also logical change generation world. For example, a new biome or improvement current. We consider all possible innovations.

Stand for armor
This item promised in MCPE 1.0, but for unknown reasons it is still not added.

Colored glass
Colored glass are waiting for many players, but they also were not in the previous release and there is a chance that they will appear in Minecraft PE 1.1.

Command blocks
This item is awaiting the architects of Minecraft PE. It executes the specified command when receiving a Redstone signal. Command blocks are easy to build large-scale buildings in just a few seconds.

Igneous blocks
This strong block is situated in the lower world, and consists of clots of lava.

It is decor that brings in Minecraft PE 1.1.0. Flag is set on the block above or the side as a sign. Also they are a little sway in the world.

New mob, which likely will be put into MCPE. Lam promised to include for a long time. I hope in Minecraft PE 1.1.0 developers still add them.
What is the innovation you want to see in MCPE 1.1?
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