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Vindicator From Woodland Mansion Addon For MCPE 1.16.201, 1.16.40


As you know, a new computer version of Minecraft 1.11 added Woodland Mansion, where there's a new special named mobs Vindicators. They look similar to villagers, but have different skin color and clothing. In MCPE you will be able to call them with the domestication of skeletons. Vindicator is a friendly mob that will protect you from the monsters.

How it works?
To summon Vindicator, you'll need the egg to spawn the skeleton (For creativity), or simply find a skeleton in the world (For survival mode). Next, make iron axe, go close to it and press the button "Transform".

If you play in survival mode and you do not want to spend resources on iron axe, you can not worry, because after the death of the mob he will drop.

We have previously published a map where there is an exact copy of a Woodland Mansion. To complete the atmosphere, you can use it in addition with this modification.

Install Vindicator From Woodland Mansion Addon:
iOS / Android / Windows 10
  • Download this addon
  • Extract the folder "Vindicator_behavior_pack.mcpack" in the /games/com.mojang/behavior_packs/
  • Extract the folder "vindicator_resource_pack.mcpack" in the /games/com.mojang/resource_packs/
  • Run Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • Create a new world or edit the existing one
  • Selected addon in world that you previously installed
  • Ready! Restart Minecraft PE and enjoy the game!

  • 29 Oct 2016
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