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Smart Talking Villagers Addon For Minecraft PE 1.16.201, 1.16.40


Repeatedly wondered why villagers always silent in Minecraft PE? With the help of this addon you will be able to learn all the secrets and horrors that lie in the villages.

This modification contains a small collection of sound phrases for villagers. Talk be children and adults. For example, you can hear horror stories about the outcast, (the Herobrine) or about how there were zombies .

How does it work?

To hear something, you need to hit a villager. After that, he will say a random phrase. The phrases are voiced by many actors, that is very nice and realistic.

If you prefer to live in villages, and you a little not satisfied with what nobody's talking to you, then this addon will be a great solution to this problem.

Specifically about the addon

Currently developed 17 of sounds for different occasions:
  • 6 sounds to communicate with each other
  • 3 stories about zombies
  • 3 stories about legendary characters (Herobrine, Notch, etc.)
  • 3 sounds that you hit resident
  • 1 sound when the death of a villager

Further will added sounds for monsters - so says the author. You can learn more about what actually happened in this seemingly simple game.

Install Smart Talking Villagers Addon

iOS / Windows 10
  • Download this addon
  • Open these file after download:
  • If you have an Android, then extract file "Talking Villagers.mcpack" to the folder "Behavior_packs", which is located at the following path: games/com.mojang/
  • Open the MCPE
  • Create a new world or edit the existing
  • Select Behavior pack that you previously imported

  • Ready! Restart Minecraft PE and enjoy the game!

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