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Sky Eagle Addon For Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.11, 1.10.0,


Sky Eagle Addon For Minecraft PE iOS, Android
Thanks to this Minecraft PE addon, with the onset of night in the game will be a new mob - Eagle. He hunts his victims under the cover of night and is able to kill even a large victim - you.

The huge size of the eagle gives him the opportunity to soar in the air and track down prey. As soon as the target is found, he dives on it and huge claws will stick into the flesh of the victim.

Addon Features

  • Now, in addition to the phantoms in the clouds will be a new predators
  • Eagle is a brand new mob, thanks to new features in Minecraft 1.8 version
  • Favorite prey of for eagle are sheep, and also other players
  • Other flying mobs will fight the Eagle for prey.

How To Install Addon?

For owners of iOS and Android devices install guide is the same
  • Download .mcaddon
  • Find it and run, thus importing into the game
  • Open the game and go to the settings of the world
  • In the "Resource Packs" and "Behavior Packs", select the imported addon or mod

21 Oct 2018
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