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PocketPower Addon for Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.16.40, 1.16.20


PocketPower Mod - the modification adds in Minecraft PE: levers, buttons, torches, pistons and more! This is one of the best Addons for Minecraft: Pocket Edition which adds to the game Redstone and all the mechanisms that are associated with it.

With this mod You will be able to create their own mechanisms for the protection of Your home. Create your own traps, a system of hidden doors, secret rooms, all this and more you can do with the addon (modded) - PocketPower for Minecraft: Pocket Edition!

This mod adds almost all the elements from the PC version of Minecraft (all having to do with Redstone), and it means that You can fully use all the items in the game to create your own Redstone circuits. Below are screenshots of Redstone and its uses. More about Redstone and Redstone mechanisms see on YouTube!

We have released a new modification for Minecraft: Pocket Edition - RedstoneCraft Mod that adds, but rather complements this mod with several new items. For example, now you can craft yourself a piston, or create pressure rails...


  • PocketPower not written in javascript (ModPE), like most other mods MCPE. PocketPower written in C++, which allows to implement the use of Redstone on a PC.
  • This addon great models and textures for all items related to Redstone: Redstone dust, repeaters, pressure plates, buttons, pistons, levers and RedStone torches. This ensures that they will look exactly as they look in Minecraft PC.
  • PocketPower will be cross-platform, that is will soon be for iOS devices.
  • PocketPower is the coolest and high-quality Redstone-mod of all ever created for MCPE!

    Currently, the PocketPower included the following items:

  • Red-wire (Redstone wire)
  • Leverage (Levers)
  • [Wood and stone] (Buttons)
  • Pressure plates [wooden stone] (Pressure Plates)
  • Red-torches (Redstone torches)
  • Red repeaters (Redstone Repeaters)
  • Lamp (Redstone Lamps)
  • The rams (Pistons) and the Jacking rails (Detector rails) - not yet included in the official version, but you can get in using your id items: 28 and 33.
  • Redstone Block (Redstone Block ) - not yet included in the official version.


    Installation of the addon PocketPower:

    Downloadable addon PocketPower.
    Launch BlockLauncher Pro..
    Click on the wrench key, then "Settings BL".
    Include support for Addons.
    PocketPower run and install it.
    Install Too Many Items as needed.
    Go in game, create the world and enjoy PocketPower installed.

  • 04 Nov 2015
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