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Genisys Core Plugin For Minecraft PE 1.0, 0.17.0, 0.16.2, 0.16.0


Genisys Core is one of the most popular modifications PocketMine-MP and is widely used by developers of Minecraft servers PE. Its popularity is due to its ease of use. This - develop in PHP, which is quite simple to learn.

- This is an unofficial modification of PocketMine-MP. Kernel development does DREAM STUDIO and iTX Technologies LLC.

Here are the main advantages Genisys compared to the PocketMine-MP:

  • Extended API for developing plugins (GeniAPI).
  • Support For Windows 10 Edition.
  • Optional authentication via XBOX Live.

    Features Of Genisys:
  • Weather
  • The system the player's experience
  • The basic functionality of Redstone mechanisms
  • Support effects
  • Working potions
  • Improved Kraft's
  • The hunger of the player
  • Working Spawner monsters
  • The existence of a framework
  • The system of enchanting
  • Working boat
  • Multi-colored sheep
  • The API for developing plugins and FolderPluginLoader
  • AI mobs

    In the future we plan Lucchini work Redstone mechanisms and supporting items from the latest versions of Minecraft PE, improving the world generator, generate mobs around the world and Lucchini their intelligence, and support fishing. - Supports the latest version of Minecraft PE 0.16.2, is also in the kernel development for version 1.0 and already have the first, unstable builds.

    Cons Genisys:
  • Leak of RAM
  • The lack of support items and mobs from the new versions of Minecraft PE
  • Outdated generator in the world

    - Packaged in the PHAR archive, or a folder with source code in src rename. Next - you need to install in the root folder of the FTP server and restart the server. Then our server generates the world map and the files for settings, genisys.yml and pocketmine.yml. With these files you can configure the server configuration by itself. It also creates the plugins folder, into which we load our plugins. The server logs, where the record of all processes. And of course, files of blocked user user white list and server operators.

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