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TapToDo v2.1.2 Plugin For Minecraft PE


The TapToDo plugin for MCPE server will allow you to create blocks, clicking on which will occur the specified action. For example you can make a block, clicking on which the player will receive any subject or to make it so that when clicking on the block the player is teleported to location of your choice.

How does the plugin work?
To specify any action type in chat the command /t add "specified action", for example typing /t add warp test tap on any block and after that, everyone who clicks on this block will be teleported to the specified warp.

If you enter the command /t add give "the players name" "item ID" after clicking on this block a certain player will be issued the subject ID you have specified is an example of /t add give test 264 after you enter this command and specify a block, the player with nick "test" will get diamonds each time you tap on the block.

Team plugin
  • /t < add / del / delall / name / list >
  • /tr < add / del / delall / name / list >

    In addition to the main teams in the TapToDo plugin and there are variables that when used in the command will be replaced with the player's name or its coordinates along one of three axes, the entire list of variables is written below. Remember, they are case sensitive, they are written in small letters.

    Variables command

  • %p - player name
  • %x - coordinate of the player on the X-axis
  • %y - the coordinates of the player on the Y-axis
  • %z - coordinate of the player on the axis I

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