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EconomyAPI v2.0.7 Plugin for Minecraft PE


If you want players on your server can buy or sell things, earn money playing in casinos, then the plugin EconomyAPI you need not apply. This mod is the basis for the economy and it has only money and manage, without it you will not be able to create a shop, a casino, to buy or sell things. Below you will find a list of plugins that support EconomyAPI and without it they won't!

Supported plugins
- EconomyShop
- EconomyPShop
- EconomyAirport
- EconomyAuction
- EconomyCasino
- EconomyJob
- EconomyLand
- EconomyProperty
- EconomySell
- EconomyTax

Team plugin for players

  • /takedebt - take the credit
  • /returndebt to repay the loan
  • /mydebt your credit debt
  • /mymoney - check your balance
  • /mystatus - check their financial status
  • /pay "nikahnama" - pay a player with your account
  • /setlang - set the language of mod (available in English, 한국어, Italiano, 中文, Bahasa Indonesia, Russian)
  • /topmoney - shows top players

    Team plugin for Admin

  • /givemoney "name" - give the player money
  • /takemoney "nikahnama" - to take money from a player
  • /setmoney - to set the initial amount of money
  • /seemoney "nikahnama" - view the balance of another player

    To create a economy server Minecraft PE, you first install the plugin EconomyAPI, and only then install plugins, shops, casino, and other.

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