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Super ToolKit Hack / Mod For Minecraft PE 1.12.0, 1.11.1, 1.10.0


Mod Super ToolKit 4 is the best mod Manager for Minecraft PE. Super ToolKit adds to the game special Manager that will allow you to easily control certain features of the game. You can change game mode, to spawn animals and zombies, set any time of the day and more.

Updated: modification compatible with 1.11.x versions

In Manager mod Super ToolKit 4 there are many different features. One such opportunity is a "Printer Unit" that will allow you to print images in the world MCPE.


  • Potion Effect: adds / removes effects.
  • Smart Moving: airplane mode switch, sprint and sneak.
  • Setting time / Changing game modes.
  • Too Many Items: ability to get blocks and items using a simple and convenient menu.
  • Spawn Entity: Spawn mobs and animals.
  • Text commands (example: /gamespeed, /coords — more on commands).
  • Block Printer: a print image, Minecraft PE.
  • STK Data: Display statistics in real time.
  • Health Indicator: a health Indicator is displayed by default (color can be customized).

    How does it work?

    To open the interface menu mod Super ToolKit — click on the corresponding icon in the lower left corner of the screen. To change the location the buttons — drag it.

    Manager blocks and items are very easy to use. Locate the desired block or item, then click on it.

    If You don't want to spend a lot of time searching for specific mobs in the world Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can use the option — "Entity Spawner". In the list, select the appropriate mob, then select it. Next, click on the ground to create it.

    One of my favorite features of this mod is a "Printer Unit". For this example, I used this image (click here). When you open "Printer Unit" will open the file Manager, where you will be able to select an image.

    Option — "STK Data" allows the screen to display a small window in which to display real-time statistics / information during the game. The details include: a compass, coordinates, current time, and the game mode. This window can be dragged as needed.

    A list of commands

  • /armor
  • /set armor
  • /chest
  • /chest set
  • /clear
  • /coords
  • /gamemode
  • /gamespeed (number 20 by default.Anything below — the movement is slower, anything higher is moving faster.)
  • /give
  • /help
  • /home
  • /id
  • /kill
  • m/me
  • /playsound
  • /setblock
  • /setworldspawn
  • /time
  • /tp

  • How to install Super ToolKit Hack / Mod?

    • Download mod
    • Go to settings BlockLauncher Pro
    • Select [ModPE Script] from the menu that appears
    • Click button [Add]
    • Click [Add]
    • In the [import script] select [phone memory]
    • Go to the folder in which you saved the mod
    • The mod should be in the format (.js)
    • Select the desired mod
    • Mod installed, have fun!

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