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Crazy Weapon Mod For Minecraft PE 1.8, 1.7.1


Very unusual weapon adds to the game a Crazy Weapon mod for Minecraft PE. Such functions do not exist in any other things in the game and it's great.

Large list of new weaponry awaits the player as soon as he set Crazy Weapon. To get these weapons either in the mode of creativity-creating it, knowing ID of the subject or knowing the recipe for crafting.

Here is a list of all types of weapons, which will have the player installed this modification:

Cookie Minigun (id — 3200)

This weapon fires real cookies. But they will not be able to eat, because it touched the ground, they detonate and explode like a small charge of dynamite. Looks fun and works perfectly in any fights.

Rainbow Shotgun (id — 3202)

Rainbow bleed not just bears its name. He shoots the sheep, oddly enough. But even more strange is that, in the end, the sheep-projectile is transformed into a colourful post, something like a rainbow. Extremely unusual phenomenon.

Fly Sword (id — 3203)

A sword with the properties of flight. But such a flight in the life of the mob will be the last, because after landing from a great height definitely mob dies.

Shadow Guardian Launcher (id 3204)

A weapon that creates in the practice of the ghostly guard. It is designed to help the player, because it is always near him and attacks hostile targets.

Chicken Sword (id — 3205)

The sword is focused on chickens. It eliminates them, but with special effects. Attacked a chicken disappears, but instead in the air there is a lot of chickens and they explode after a short time.

Raygun (id 3206)

Beam weapon that emits a special beam that burns through everything in its path, except the mobs.

Ice Sword (id 3207)

Freezing sword acts exactly as its named – it freezes its target. In this state, mob cannot attack the player, nor to flee.

Lava Sword (id — 3210)

This weapon is similar to a frost sword, but instead of ice falls victim to a bunch of lava and burned it.

Kitty Bomb (id 3208)

An explosive weapon that causes as a result of his exposure to a lot of ocelots, but in place use a good funnel.

Flame Bomb (id — 3209)

Fire bomb ignites all around. Powerful weapon, if you were surrounded by angry mobs, and you need to survive at any cost.
Weapons and it looks unusual and has extraordinary features. Thus Crazy Weapon mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0 adds really unique items that are very fun to apply in practice.

How to install Crazy Weapon

Addons for BlockLauncher Pro - these mods are more progressive scripts that have ".Zip", ".JS" and ".Modpkg" extension. It also has full integration with all the functionality up to Minecraft PE 1.12.2 version (Temporarily). Mainly used Java features for iOS and Android.
To get started, you will need BlockLauncher, which is an application for Android or iOS. Please note that the application version may have functionality for an incompatible Java version inside the game. For each version of the game, a separate BlockLauncher application was developed.
  1. Download and install BlockLauncher Pro apk, then use FX File Explorer, ES File Explorer or other file managers to find the apk file in the Downloads folder.
  2. After installation, use Blocklauncher Pro to launch the game.
  3. After starting the game, you should see the wrench icon at the top of the screen. It also serves as a guideline that you did everything right.
  4. Click on "Startup Options".
  5. Next, scroll down the list and click on "Manage Scripts".
  6. In this menu, you can manage the installed scripts and import them. Here you can also specify the path to the downloaded script.
  7. It is worth noting that some modifications have both script and texture packs. You will need to import this separately. In newer versions, BlockLauncher has a feature to recognize a folder with texture packs and a folder with scripts inside a zip archive, which slightly simplifies the import process.
  8. This has some pros but also cons because mods work for all single and multiplayer (which work on the client side) game worlds automatically. You can activate or deactivate this in the scripts settings menu.
  9. Launch one of the game worlds and check if everything is working correctly. It is also worth noting that this has an extremely low chance of conflict with other scripts, the exception is the same names of items or mobs.
  10. Done! Enjoy the new gameplay.

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