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Meet the new alpha version of the game — Minecraft PE 1.0.0 builds pre-release. In this version of the game you will see many innovations, as you could see in previous updates Minchart PE 1.0.0. Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.0 build is an update that brought a lot of bug fixes that previously prevented you from normal playing.

Minecraft PE alpha

In Minecraft developers have worked hard on fixing bugs and errors. So the developers have added different effects, possibilities and the shell of the animal, from which to create a chest.

Minecraft PE alpha
Now the number of bugs in the game at times decreased, so the game will be much nicer. Recommended updated to the latest version of the game to play comfortably! Download minecraft PE from the links below!

Minecraft PE alpha

If you study this version of the game in more detail, we can see that Shulker teleport has become more smoother, the health bars of the bosses are updated correctly, fixed the lighting in the dimension of 'End'.

Minecraft PE alpha
Minecraft PE is the last alpha build, where you won't see specific changes. Developers previously moved the source code to a new platform for further developments.

Minecraft PE

  • a new set of textures for Valentine's Day

  • unfortunately visible changes we have not seen, only fixes bugs and various errors.

Minecraft PE alpha / 1.0.5

  • Reduced size of APK file

  • Added the command blocks

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13 Dec 2016
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