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Download Minecraft PE Beta, APK free Version


Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Minecraft PE v1.18.10.20 - is the second part of the global update called "Caves and Cliffs". Now players will have access to more than 5 mountain biomes, the height of which can reach about 320 blocks. Beta versions are already available for download and use on Android, Windows 10, 11 and Xbox One devices. The beta version is needed so that players can test all the features of the new gameplay, as well as inform developers about bugs and errors.

In Caves and Cliffs Part 2, there is an opportunity to visit new cave locations in which unique resources are generated, and it also has beautiful spacious places that are very realistic. In addition, from the surface you can get directly into an underwater cave (This is something like diving). So the study of the underworld will become much more interesting and very exciting activity that will give a lot of impressions.

Minecraft 1.18 Release Date

Starting from October 6, 2021, Mojang developers, together with Microsoft, began testing the increased size of the game world. Gradually, the beta version will be filled with all the planned features and details that were not implemented in the first part of the global update. This mainly concerns biomes that should be generated at extremely high or low coordinates.
Release date: February 16, 2022
Recent version: beta (Caves and Cliffs Part 2)
Platforms: Android, Windows 10, Xbox One

Minecraft 1.18.20 Features

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
The algorithm for generating caves with a depth of Y=-59 blocks has been completely changed. It should be noted that the caves consist of 2 layers of different stone bases depending on the depth. So, for example, the layer above Y=0 consists of an ordinary stone that goes into a deep slate from Y=0 to Y=-7. Further, deep slate completely replaces the stone from Y=-8 to the bedrock.

Now you can visit dripstone caves and lush caves that are full-fledged underground biomes.
Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Lush caves are formed at any depth, usually this happens in places where azalea trees are found. The roots of this tree grow downwards until they reach a lush cave. These are most often found on the surface, but sometimes they can form inside caves if there is enough space.
Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Dripstone caves are usually formed as an underground biome with blocks of dripstone and a pointed dripstone that hang down in the form of stalactites and grow out of the ground in the form of stalagmites. Basically they look like ordinary caves, with the exception of sections of dripping stone blocks and pointed dripping stone. Large accumulations of drip stone sometimes form inside ravines. This biome also generates larger clumps of copper ore compared to other biomes.
Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Deepest depths of the world - a new dangerous biome generated in caves below Y=-1 to Y=-64. Here the Varden will spawn, and also there you can get new types of blocks that respond to vibrations. Varden makes a quiet sound — it's the sound of a core in the center of his chest. It starts to sound more often and louder if the Varden picks up any vibrations. This is the only mob in the game that attacks all mobs, without exception.

Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
The vanilla cave generation algorithm has been changed to better match with new cave generations.
New noise caves, produced in 3 forms: "cheese", "spaghetti" and "noodles".
Cheese caves have large stone towers extending from the bottom of the cave to the top, and are often large enough to allow safe flight of the elytra.
Spaghetti caves are long thin caves with small aquifers that are more like the original caves.
Noodle caves are more subtle, twisty and claustrophobic versions of spaghetti caves.

Added 6 mountain biomes that are randomly generated in vanilla biomes. Each mountain has its own unique features, for example, in snow biomes, a mountain with steep slopes can be generated on which you will find thick layers of snow or ice spikes. Meanwhile, mountains with beautiful meadows at the top are generated on the plains biome.
Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
The Meadow mountains are a flat but elevated biome, similar to the blooming and colder plains, with aquamarine grass color and dark blue watercolor. It forms on plateaus and in the lower layers of some mountains, usually near plains and other temperate biomes. There you can find grass, tall grass, dandelions, azure bluets, cornflowers, poppies, daisies and alliums. Also, birches and oaks are rarely found here, but they always have bee nests. Only rabbits, donkeys and sheep breed in this biome. You can also find rare settlements of villagers and pillager outposts on the top of the mountain.
Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
The Grove mountains resemble a snow-covered taiga with a surface of snow blocks and powdered snow instead of grass blocks. It forms on the slopes of a snowy mountain next to forest biomes. Rabbits, wolves, foxes, sheep, pigs, chickens and cows breed in this biome. Additionally, you can find pillager outposts.
Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Mountains with snowy slopes are mainly formed when they are located next to plains and snowy tundras. It has a very thick layer of ordinary snow, snow blocks and snow powder. Only rabbits and goats breed in this biome. It has a higher chance to find the igloo and pillager outposts.
Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Jagged Peaks are one of three microlocations that form on mountain peaks. Mostly it is covered with snow, snow blocks and stone. Such places can be found on sharp and jagged peaks in areas with snowy, cold and temperate biomes. In such difficult conditions, only goats can cope for survival, but it is also rare to find pillagers outposts.
Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Rocky peaks are locations on mountains that are covered with stone, gravel and bands of calcite. This is a very frequent phenomenon that tends to be generated at any peak surrounded by warm biomes, such as jungles and savannas. Very often pillagers outposts are generated on the surface of the mountain.
Download Minecraft PE Beta (MCPE) APK free Version
Frozen peaks are locations that are covered with snow, snow blocks, ice and compacted ice. This is often generated on smoother and smaller peaks in areas with snowy, cold, and temperate biomes. There the player can meet only goats and very hardcore conditions for survival.

More information about the features and changes will be available after the release of the full version of the game.

Download Minecraft PE 1.18.10

Latest version: Download Minecraft PE 1.19 apk (152.24 Mb)
Official Sites:
Download for Android from Google Play
Download for iOS from App Store
Download for Windows 10, 11 from Microsoft Store
Direct Links:
Download Minecraft_PE_v1.18.20.25.apk (139.37 Mb)
Download Minecraft_PE_v1.18.10.20.apk (132.52 Mb)
Download Minecraft_PE_v1.18.0.24.apk (132.53 Mb)

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