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Download Minecraft PE v0.11.0



  • The animation between switching blocks and items.
  • The animation is picking up loot.
  • Add colored fonts in chat.
  • Messages Kika and Bana.
  • Message when killing anything.
  • The milk you can drink.
  • Improved IP.
  • Buttons:
  • Take a boat ride.
  • To paint the collar of the wolf.

  • Moved the delete button of the world new in the settings button of the world.
  • The External button now appears when you click New instead of Edit.
  • Expanding on the older worlds, generated before 0.9.0.
  • The endless day.
  • The edit screen of the world (with the ability to switch game modes).


  • Skin-packs.
  • On iOS will be added in 0.11.1 because of an error Tomaso.
  • The ability to change skins and cloaks:
  • Update outdated template skins up-to-date, like on the PC version.
  • The ability to switch skins for Steve and Alex.


  • Friendly:
  • Bat.
  • Octopus.
  • Exclusive for pocket edition: Octopus released ink particles, if they are provoked.
  • Exclusive for pocket edition: Kids-octopus.
  • Neutral:
  • Cave spider.
  • Hostile:
  • Hasta.
  • Zombie rider.
  • Lava cube.
  • The skeleton rider.

    Blocks and items:

  • Boats.
  • Exclusive for pocket edition: larger and double.
  • For crafting, you will also need a wooden shovel (replaces paddle).
  • Not broken themselves.
  • To control you must press a certain button.
  • Exclusive for pocket edition: Boats of different types of trees.
  • Herbal path.
  • It replaces gravel paths in villages of NPC.
  • It will be possible to create a block using any shovel.
  • Rod.
  • Exclusive for pocket edition: 3D-float.
  • Blocks of red stone.
  • Will not work in this version.
  • Lava cream.

  • All kinds of fish.
  • The rotten flesh.
  • Causes the effect of poisoning, instead of the hunger effect.

    Game mechanisms:

  • Fishing.


  • The inventory of creative mode includes:
  • Milk.
  • Tools of different materials
  • Snow
  • Egg gathering:
  • Bat.
  • Cave spider.
  • Octopus.
  • Lava cube.
  • Gast.


  • Changed the logo of the game.
  • Now blocks and items have the correct name.
  • The limit on the player's nickname, like on the PC version.
  • Support many languages, including Korean.
  • Now chat can be hidden.
  • Effects, particles and sounds from other players now work well on multiplayer.
  • Added a recipe for crafting all types of stone bricks.
  • Generation of structures:
  • The abandoned mines include Spawner with cave spiders.
  • The well in the desert.


  • Skin zombie swietlowka as on the PC version.
  • Now the collar of the wolf can be colored.
  • Now zombies and zombie swinholide have a chance to appear as kids.


  • Replaced icon brick block in the inventory Survival on the icon of the chest.


  • The effects of potions:
  • Poisoning.
  • Nausea.
  • Raw chicken is now causing indigestion.

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixes for many bugs.

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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