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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Build 14


Today finally came the last, final, advanced version of the game Minecraft Pocket edition 0.11.0 build 14 which was made the greatest number of patches in the game, in the history of pre-release versions 0.11.0.

And because the Assembly 0.11.0 build 14 is the latest, pre-release version 0.11.0 chain assemblies, it's possible tomorrow for mojang (the developers of mojang) will send the complete, final version of the game Minecraft 0.11.0 in the online store Google play and AppStore. But in the AppStore the new version will be available later, because the employees of Apple, as always pulling the term verification, a new version of the game. Until then, let's test the latest build 0.11.0 build 14 learn and remained in it some bugs or the game is completely "perfect", without bugs and errors!?

P. S. Please write in comments bugs and errors in version 0.11.0 build 14.

List of changes:


  • Fixed items that disappear out of the oven after removing these items.
  • Fixed crash after poisoning.
  • Fixed the crafting of wood.
  • Fixed the texture of an egg summoning logogo Cuba.
  • Natural generation lava now affects gravity.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect otobrazhenie items in the hand of the client and the server.
  • Fixed the particles when breaking tall grass.
  • Fixed light at dawn and dusk.
  • Fixed a bug where the client could not sit in the boat.
  • Fixed bug with invisible items in hand.
  • Fixed eye cave spider.
  • Fixed [NUL] characters at the end of the line (in chat).
  • Tamed mobs no longer teleport to players when he is in the boat.
  • Fixed the spawn over the bed and caves.
  • Fixed spawn players on the same height where he was killed.
  • Fixed a bug where when switching to survival mode the player has remained at this moment the same subjects that were in the Hotbar in creative mode.
  • Fixed not growing cocoa beans.
  • Fixed a bug in the label "iMojang".
  • Fixed a bug where players spaniels in the ground.
  • Fixed multitasking accidents.
  • Fixed invisible players on servers.
  • Fixed a bug while throwing snowballs.
  • Fixed memory leak due to the effects of potions.
  • Fixed spawn on players when you connect to the world.
  • Fixed players who are in the standing animation "death".
  • Fixed crash when using bone meal several times through the tall grass


  • Completely removed the animation of combustion from creative mode.
  • Now you can Board the boat by pressing the directional pad.
  • Skin "the Bandit" now thin.
  • Conventional and high grass now of a different height.
  • Improved the text on the buttons.
  • Improved accuracy of the skeletons.
  • Now the Endermen teleport away from projectiles.
  • The game will now try to repair the damaged worlds.
  • In creative mode added snowballs!

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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