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Download Minecraft PE (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage


Download Minecraft BE Bedrock Edition 1.8 Village & Pillage Update
Minecraft PE version 1.8.1 Bedrock Edition (MCPE) is a global update called Village & Pillage. We offer you to read the changes and download the latest new version of the game for Android devices. In short-crossbow, pandas, foxes, new villagers, script API.

  • the new Beta version was released 08.01.2019 ver.
  • Added Script Engine - Java Script Supporting for Minecraft PE

Release Date Minecraft 1.9.0
Minecraft PE when will 1.9 come out? Having studied the previous development updates, as well as official statements of developers, we can assume that the release will take place in early 2019.

Minecraft 1.9.0 Features
Closer to the release we will be able to announce the full list of changes, but so far we can only talk about the known innovations.

Pandas - these cute mobs live in a brand new biome - the Chinese jungle. Most likely, they are added because of the Chinese new year. Pandas like to eat bamboo and do almost nothing. Their behavior is very similar to that of polar bears.
Download Minecraft BE Bedrock Edition 1.8 Village & Pillage Update

New villagers. A variety of villagers wants to be better. Therefore, the developers of Mojang decided not to trifle and add 11 new villagers at once, because the main meaning of "Village & Pillage Update" is the addition of a full life and realistic behavior for humanoid mobs. Each villager has a profession and is doing its job. The village in Minecraft turns into a small Town.

Download Minecraft BE Bedrock Edition 1.8 Village & Pillage Update

Crossbow is a completely new type of weapon. It took a long time, but only now the developers have decided on a responsible step to add new weapons to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. To get a crossbow, you just need to defeat the Pillagers or to craft it yourself.
Download Minecraft BE Bedrock Edition 1.8 Village & Pillage Update

What is a Crossbow Capable of?
  • Use spells and potions
  • Multi-shot - maximum 3 targets at a time
  • Quick recharge enchantment
  • Twice as powerful as an bow

The beast is a new hostile mob that only submits to Pillagers. It is very huge and something like an elephant and a mammoth. He notorious thus, to destroy houses and buildings in a typical village during the raid.
Download Minecraft BE Bedrock Edition 1.8 Village & Pillage Update
Characteristics of the beast:
  • Huge size - a lot of lives. More than any animal in Minecraft.
  • Very strong armor-make the beast invincible and indestructible. You will need a new weapon that can break through the armor (probably a crossbow)
  • A huge mass - gives the beast the ability to destroy any structure of its mass. It's like he's running right through it. But there are building blocks that are very strong and the beast will not be able to break them.

Download Minecraft BE Bedrock Edition 1.8 Village & Pillage Update

New Village & Pillage Update Textures

Pay attention to the main feature of the update - a change in the textures of the villagers in each biome. Mojang tries to make the land world as realistic as possible so that you spend more time in Survival Mode.
Download Minecraft BE Bedrock Edition 1.8 Village & Pillage Update

Full List of Changes

What's new in Minecraft PE

Download Links
Current full version:
Minecraft_PE_v1.18.1.apk Mod
Download Minecraft PE 1.19 apk (152.24 Mb) The Wild Update

Minecraft_PE_v1.9.0.5_mod2.apk Does not require a license
(85.54 Mb)

Minecraft_PE_v1.8.1.2_crk.apk With Xbox Live Access
(80.74 Mb)

Minecraft_PE_v1.8.0.24_original.apk With Xbox Access
(80.74 Mb)

Minecraft_PE_v1.8.0.24_crk_v1.apk With Unlocked premium skins and textures
(84.56 Mb)

Minecraft_PE_v1.8.0.24_crk_v2.apk With Funny mods and unlocked marketplace
(84.58 Mb)

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