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Download Minecraft PE v0.15.0 Release


So, dear friends. As promised by the developers from mojang, we received this update this week. This is the full alpha version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.0 with all previously announced content: horses, pistons, leashes, horse armor, new mobs from the PC version of the game and much more! You can read about all the innovations further, and there are quite a lot of updates, starting from the main menu of the game, ending with new game functions.


The first thing you need to do is log in to your Xbox Live profile. Of course, you can skip this step and not log in to this account.

But then you lose some of the features that were prepared for multiplayer.

To skip logging in to Xbox Live, just click the "Later" button.

You can also notice a completely new Minecraft Pocket Edition game menu. This has been completely changed. Now our skin, the skins icon, the new Achievements button and the Login to Profile button are displayed on the main screen if you haven't logged in to your Xbox Live profile yet.

Click the "Hangers" button to go to the skins menu. Here we can see standard and custom skins in a separate window. Choose the one you like and try them out at any time convenient for us. There is also a window where our latest skins are displayed, and a window where you can select a skin from any previously added set.

To view all sets of skins — scroll through this small screen to view other sets. To select a skin, just click on it. When you have selected the skin, click the "Confirm" button.

If you don't like the skin, click on the button with the arrow icon to return to the previous skin. If you want to add your own skin, click on the "Choose a new skin" button.

Further, we are very interested in "Achievements". But to get achievements, you need to log in to your Xbox Live account.

Then, instead of the "Log in Profile" button, a button will appear on the home screen that will redirect you to Xbox One SmartGlass programming.

The Xbox Live achievement system is not available for rogue players! So think!

The menu of Minecraft Pocket Edition worlds has also changed. Now there are two tabs on the page with the list of worlds that will sort the worlds by Realms/Normal. Also in the new tab you can see which of your friends is currently playing Minecraft.

As you can see on the panel for switching between world types, the number of worlds created is counted.

So, what we want to show you is the "new" game menu, which we can see by going to the game settings. Now there are "Achievements" and "Invite player" buttons.

When you click "Achievements", then in the game you will see a list of your achievements.

Next, what interested me was the leash. For example, I spawn a cow and brought her on a leash.
Click on the "Bind" button, after which the cow will be attached to the leash. Then you can take her home.

I started falling down the mountain, I thought the cow would fall on me, but no, the leash broke. But she overcame several "steps".

To tie the leash to the fence, just tap it on the fence. It is very comfortable. Thus, you can create an entire farm of animals and be sure that they will not go anywhere. Besides, it looks very nice.

In order to remove the animal, move it with your finger, then you will be asked to untie it. Click on the "Release" button to release the animal.

Next we will talk about horses. Surely you've been waiting for this no less than pistons!? Isn't it? Now you can navigate the MCPE world much more interesting. However, the horse will need to be fed from time to time. To tame a horse, feed it hay or apples.

I recommend taking a pack of apples or wheat blocks. And yes, tame horses, adults sometimes do not lend themselves to domestication. And here are some screenshots of horses and donkeys.

Pistons! This is what everyone has been waiting for for so long! In Minecraft PE 0.15.0, a sticky and regular piston was added. Let's see how it works. Put two pistons together.

Then put a piece of wood on each one.
Then activate the pistons, then deactivate. As you can see, the sticky piston returns the wooden bar back and usually just pushes it.

Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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14 Jun 2016
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