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Fanny Games [Mini Games] Server For Minecraft PE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


It is nice to see this charming small server for Minecraft PE where you can do whatever you want, not fearing for anything. Here set of basic mods and plugins are. Besides, it's pretty quiet, only 100 slots.

In General, now your game will be a lot more interesting. You only have to visit the server and discover the opportunity to hone your skills solving puzzles, passing traps and of course parkour. Especially convenient to do it when there still sometimes come across real players. Therefore, you will like this place.

Port: 19132

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18 Jun 2016
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Total comments: 5
Como baixa os mods ??? wink wink wacko wacko wacko
cool biggrin biggrin
smile biggrin
Anyone can teach me how to register??
Do /register then type ur password and then ur gmail then u type ur password again and u are registered