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Download Minecraft PE v0.17.1, 0.17.0


In this article we will talk about updates to MCPE 0.17.0 and when you can download minecraft 0.17.0. We will post the link immediately after the first builds. I will also tell you about the release date.

Let's get started. Not so long ago, a Better Together update was released in which Realms were added, along with other additions and changes. It is worth noting that this is the first update that the Mojang AB team has given an official name to.

When can I download 0.17.0?

Analyzing the periods between new versions, we calculated the approximate release. This will most likely happen in November 2016! Why is this so? For the last three releases (0.13.0, 0.14.0 and 0.15.0), the average gap between their releases was about three months.

Now the most interesting content in the upcoming update.

We will not tell stories about Ender World and the dragon, because everyone knows that Minecraft PE has a simple transfer of content from the desktop version of this game, and at the moment it is in alpha testing. Most likely, history will repeat itself, as with the PC on November 18, 2011: version 1.0.0 was released, which made a huge breakthrough at that time because Ender World, potions and Hardcore mode were added. However, the PE version has a different type of development (they are trying to add completely new and not difficult to write content) and a development team, but no one has canceled the Alpha, Beta and Pre-release designations. We can only wait and believe that the Mojang AB team will delight us with new versions more and more often.


It is mainly planned to add the main features from the PC version. Let's look at this in detail.

Painted glass

It is quite simple to create a block, even if scripts create it, which, by the way, are perfectly displayed in the game.
And a little information for those who find out about it for the first time.
Stained glass is a transparent full—size block, a painted version of ordinary glass. The main purpose of this glass is decorative. It can be obtained by manufacturing 8 units of ordinary glass and one dye. There are 16 colors of stained glass.

Book and quill

Another simple thing. We think it won't be difficult for the Mojang team to add it to the game.
Book and quill is used to create custom books. It is usually used on adventure maps to create goals/challenges or in multiplayer.

Ender's chest

Quite a useful innovation that will help keep your things safe. It has similarities to a regular chest, the animation is also the same, but the main feature is the storage system for most of these things. If you put two Ender chests, they won't be as big as regular chests. All items placed in one chest will be available in another of the same. Players will have a separate storage on the server, so don't worry about your resources.

Flag and Banners

The flag is a decorative block with a height of two blocks. It can be placed on top of the device or on the side, like a plate. In addition, it sways slightly. When creating, you can choose different colors, and the patterns are limited only by your imagination. With their help, fortresses and castles are completely re-equipped to obtain fractionation, and the appearance is noticeably improved. This is followed by innovations in the generation and game mechanics sections.


A long time ago, Mojang planned to add trade with villagers in the future. Some time has passed, and most likely it will be added in 0.17.0. Trading is a game mechanic that allows the player to exchange items with the villagers using the currency in the form of emeralds. Thus, you can get items that are difficult to get in other ways, for example, chain mail armor, and also quite honestly get an experience potion.

Player and recordings

After the promised update of the sound engine, developers just need to add these interesting things. We think you will like the music from C418. The player is a special unit that is used to play the found recordings of the player. 12 different records with melodies that will fall from the creeper or skeletons are planned. They can also be found in treasures (but only "cat" and "13"). Records are items that can be placed in the player and play music in the game.

Latest Beta: Download MCPE 1.20 apk

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13 Sep 2016
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Its good. But sorry. Only a certain android doesn't fully installed 0.17.0 & 0.16.0. I cant play with my brother anymore. Please fix it. smile biggrin tq.