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New Earth Mobs Addon For Minecraft PE iOS/Android 1.20.15, 1.19.83


New Earth Mobs Addon For Minecraft PE iOS/Android
The addon will add exclusive mobs from Minecraft Earth to your Minecraft PE. In the game world will be generated a new mobs, such as Cluckshroom, Horned Sheep, Moobloom and Purple Cat. It looks very unusual and has some features, for example if you cut a cow then it will turn into a normal vanilla cow, if you feed a cat with fish then it will protect you, etc.

New Earth Mobs Addon For Minecraft PE iOS/Android
If you come closer to the new mobs you will be able to see the interaction button. If there are no such buttons then just feed them using different food and they will follow you. There is a small chance that mobs from Minecraft Earth will be generated instead of vanilla mobs and so you can play without creative mode.
New Earth Mobs Addon For Minecraft PE iOS/Android

Earth Mobs Features

  • This will add all new mobs from Minecraft Earth
  • This does not replace vanilla mobs
  • The chance of spawning is the same as for the vanilla mobs
  • The addon will add the following mobs: Cluckshroom, Horned Sheep, Jumbo Rabbit, Moon bloom, Muddy Big, Purple Cat and Woolly Com

New Earth Mobs Addon For Minecraft PE iOS/Android

How to install Earth Mobs

Addons have the following file formats: .mcpack, .mcaddon, .mcworld and less often .zip. These new file types automate the process of installing modifications, texture packs and maps.
  1. First we need FX, ES or another File Explorer application.
  2. Using File Explorer, find the downloaded .mcpack or .mcaddon.
  3. As in iOS, Android, so in Windows 10 or 11, by default, all downloaded files are contained in the "Downloads" folder.
  4. In the drop-down menu, open the addon using the Minecraft PE (Bedrock) application. It will take some time to import.
  5. After successful import, you will see the appropriate pop-up labels in the main menu of the game.
  6. Next, we will need to apply a resource pack and/or behavior pack when creating a new world or editing an existing world.
  7. Open the game world and test the changes.

In case the addon has .ZIP or .RAR format then use the following guide:
  1. Long press on the zip file to select it. Then click the "More" button in the lower right corner. And then click "Extract to".
  2. After extracting the zip file, open the folder that was created.
  3. Go to the following file address: /games/com.mojang/. The following folders are contained inside:
    • behavior_packs - addon body and scripts.
    • minecraft_worlds - contains both textures, addons and the game world.
    • resource_packs - contains textures that ensure the correct operation of addons.
  4. Next, move the folder with textures to the resource_packs folder (It can be abbreviated as Res).
    Then go back to /games/com.mojang/, but this time open the behavior_packs folder and paste the copied folder of the addon body here (This will be abbreviated as Beh).
  5. Launch Minecraft PE (Bedrock Edition).
  6. Create a new world or edit an existing world.
  7. Select the desired game settings that you want. Then scroll down on the left sidebar and click on resource and/or behavior packs and apply the imported modifications.
  8. Open the game world and test the changes.

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