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W/ in-game music Addon For Minecraft PE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


If you play MCPE and have played either console version or PC version, you have probably realized that there is no in-game background music. That changes today! With these steps, you too can have music in your MCPE just like I do.

This method does not involve a .js scripted mod, it involves altering the Pocket Edition apk itself by putting the sound files in yourself. I have looked up different method on how to do it, none of which worked for me... That is until I experimented a bit and used a variety of apps to finally get the finished WORKING Minecraft apk. The outcome apk will be substantially larger, just as a warning.

First, you will need a few app to get the job started. You will need:

  • Minecraft apk

  • RAR

  • ZipSigner

  • ES File Explorer


  1. You will of course need an apk version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you do not have one, or don't know how to get the current version's apk, you can use ES File Explorer to get it.

  2. Use the app backup functionality to copy a version of MCPE into /sdcard0/backups/apps. Once done, you can leave ES for now.

Once you got that, you are going to change its file extension (.apk) to .zip, but DO NOT decompress it. You are going to have to download the zip file using the link at the bottom of the page to get the sound files involved. Decompress the the and you will come across a folder named 'music', it contains two other files called 'game' and 'menu'. Keep the 'music' folder handy, because you WILL need it later.

Use RAR to open and view the Minecraft zip file you made from the apk. Inside the zip, you will find the folder named 'assets'. in that, you will find a folder named 'sounds'. You are going to use RAR to move 'music' directly into the 'sounds' folder without decompressing the zip file itself. Once done, you can leave RAR.

After that, you are going to use Zipsigner to resign the zip file, making it readable for Android later on. Go into ZipSigner and find the Minecraft zip file. Then sign it. This can take some time. Once it is done signing, you can leave ZipSigner.

Go back into your file manager (or ES File Explorer), and rename the the Minecraft zip file extension back to .apk, and it should be ready to install.

Go to your device settings: Settings>Security>Allow Unknown Sources, make sure you check the box. Then you can install the apk file.

It will take time for the device to register the music, but it should work in the end. This method worked for me, but it may or may not be definite. Every time you update Minecraft Pocket Edition, it will remove the 'music' folder from the app. You will unfortunately have to redo this process every time you update it. I hope you guys enjoy, and thank you for your time.

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10 Sep 2016
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Anytime. I just like to share my knowledge about MCPE. I also discovered how to change the splash text (yellow colored text on the Minecraft startup screen) using a simular method. I'll post that next.
I can't find any music folder on the mcpe I think minecraft will not recognize that music folder.
I find assets
But there is no sound