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MCPE Master v1.3.15 Addon For Minecraft PE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Master mod MCPE for Minecraft PE is the best addon at the moment, which has to install mods, maps, textures and much more, including a built-in TMI. In addition you will have the ability to edit your inventory by adding and removing any items, start the game with clearing RAM, which will allow even more to accelerate productivity and increase the rate of FPS.

In addition to Master for MCPE Pocket Edition has an ability to change the game mode without leaving the map and edit worlds. Simply put, this mod is currently the most functional and includes all the basic features that you may need in the game.

Possible MCPE Master:

  • Editor of the worlds
  • Editor inventory
  • Switch game modes
  • The game start with cleaning the RAM
  • Install mods, skins, maps and textures
  • To do's screenshots
  • Running
  • Flight
  • More

    When you enter the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, then in the upper right corner of the screen you will see a new icon — picks on the green background.
    Click on this icon to start the Graphical User Interface after clicking on the corresponding icon, you will see here is such a wonderful GUI.
    It was the first menu appears — "Gamer". In this menu you can control certain abilities of the player.

    The next menu which is after the "Player" is "Game". In the menu "Game" you can set some game settings: change the weather, set the time, move to home screen, MCPE mini map and more.
    Next, not less interesting section in MCPE Master is "Enchantment". In this menu, you can enchant the tools. To select the tool you want to enchant, click on the icon "Sword". Then you will see a menu with icons of all the available items for enchantment.

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