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Classic Guns Minecraft PE Addon 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Classic Guns Minecraft PE Addon
Classic Guns - this addon is a very interesting replacement for many standard items. Their purpose and usage to change dramatically, and with them will be a pleasure to play, because You will use this weapon for other purposes in Minecraft PE.

We are talking about the classic kit, the Arsenal of dangerous weapons, whose list includes melee weapons, firearms and so on. You can become a true modern man, because after installing this addon, You will get all the Essentials that will help to hunt the on enemy mobs, and those that do not cause You any harm.

How does it work?

So, you should start with the fact that the new system of modding weapons will replace a decent number of items that were already in the "Minecraft Pocket Edition" and their use is not possible anymore. Don't worry, the whole list we provide to You below, so if You have something does not suit you, you can refrain. It is understandable, because the previously used items will not be "playable" in MCPE
Classic Guns Minecraft PE Addon
Below the screenshot shows some of the new items that will be a suitable replacement for the old. And by the way, remember an Important fact: all the objects have exactly the same properties, compared with the previous, they have been replaced, changed the texture of the tool is everything.
Classic Guns Minecraft PE Addon


You will not be able to archery, because his place will be a gun battle and charge it will have special bullets that once were arrows, just the same for the bow.
Classic Guns Minecraft PE Addon
Wooden sword turn into a pen, by the way, in the same wood. A diamond sword just transformed into a different kind of cold weapon, the same sword, but the size more. Instead of gold and stone sword will appear a machete and a knife – it is much more interesting. And finally: dynamite, who will be a worthy replacement for snowball.


  • Earlier it was written that the new items have identical characteristics and properties compared with their predecessors. This is true, but still, some minor changes have, for what would the gameplay have acquired some variety, otherwise it will be not so fun

  • Classic Guns Minecraft PE Addon
  • Let's start with the fact that the gun will now emit a characteristic sound of real bullets, otherwise it would be strange if the gun made the sound stretching the string and the flight of the arrows

  • In addition, you will modify the range of the shot – it will become much more, which gives a lot of convenience and comfort. Now to shoot and aim at distant targets much easier than usual

  • Install Classic Guns Addon

    iOS / Windows 10
  • Download this addon
  • Open these files (Are in zip archive) after download:
  • Behavior.mcpack and Resource.mcpack
  • If you have an Android, then extract file "Hunter_2_resource_pack.mcpack" to the folder "Resource_packs", which is located at the following path: games/com.mojang/ and extract file "Hunter_1_behavior.mcpack" to the games/com.mojang/behavior_packs
  • Open the MCPE
  • Create a new world or edit the existing
  • Select behavior-pack and resource-pack that you previously imported
  • Ready! Restart Minecraft PE and enjoy the game!

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