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Download Minecraft PE Beta, MCPE Free Version


Download Minecraft PE Beta, MCPE Free Version
Minecraft PE Beta version is now available for download and you can test many new features on your Android phone or tablet. MCPE 1.13.0 Beta has been released to test all new changes and you can take part in it. Leave feedback with bugs or errors and we will make Minecraft PE 1.13 more stable.

With the new update in Minecraft PE 1.13, players can enjoy cute foxes, create more complex Addons and scripts on the Scripting API, as well as enjoy more stable operation of the game, because in this version many bugs from previous versions have been eliminated.

Last update: October 2, 2019

Minecraft PE Features

  • The new version will change the type of cloud rendering. The clouds are now lighter and more similar to the Java Edition. You can create or use a new type of Shader that will make clouds more realistic with new cloud textures
  • Download Minecraft PE Beta, MCPE Free Version
  • If you've been waiting for the foxes from Minecraft Java Edition, rejoice, now they're here! These lovely creatures like to sleep in the daytime. Also you have a chance to tame them, but it is very hard to do as in the real world
  • Download Minecraft PE Beta, MCPE Free Version
  • Added some little variation for the foxes. Visit the snow biomes to find the Arctic Fox. It's more like wolves, but foxes have a big fluffy tail
  • Download Minecraft PE Beta, MCPE Free Version
  • Remember that foxes are active at night and at this time begin to hunt! They attack prey smaller in size and you must now build high fences to prevent this predator from eating your chickens or sheep
  • In Minecraft PE Structure blocks have been improved and added save and load modes. This allows you to copy the structure, save it in the memory of the world or to disk, and with the help of download it to download anywhere
  • Download Minecraft PE Beta, MCPE Free Version
  • These import and export modes are enabled only in the Experimental gameplay mode. Now you can share your developments on various public sites and get paid for it
  • Download Minecraft PE Beta, MCPE Free Version
    Download Minecraft PE Beta, MCPE Free Version
    Download Minecraft PE Beta, MCPE Free Version
  • In Minecraft PE back the ability to configure the chat. The developers have changed the settings window and it allows the following: Mute all messages, convert text to sound, change the font, change the font size, etc.

Minecraft PE Beta 1.13 Review

Download Minecraft PE Beta v1.13.0

Minecraft_PE_Beta_v1.13.0.18_Xbox_mod.apk (87.78 Mb)
Minecraft_PE_Beta_v1.13.0.15_Xbox_mod.apk (90.83 Mb)
Minecraft_PE_Beta_v1.13.0.13_Xbox_mod.apk (89.68 Mb)
Minecraft_PE_Beta_v1.13.0.6_mod.apk (90.84 Mb) Unlocked Marketplace

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11 Jul 2019
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Total comments: 7
How downloadddddd
Cool apk but the only problem is that whenever I press the play button, the game freezes. It doesn't crash but freezes for a long time. Please reply on this comment about how to fix that. Thank you!
How in the world I can download in damn IOS
How to download in android
How to download  in Android