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Download Minecraft Earth v0.6.0 MOD APK Free Beta Version


Download Minecraft Earth v1.0 MOD APK Free
Minecraft Earth beta v0.6.0 apk - a brand new game from Mojang together with Microsoft is now available for download on smartphones with Android and iOS. Create your Minecraft world right in the real world, look for other buildings from Minecraft Earth players on all the streets and cities in your country.

Download Minecraft Earth v1.0 MOD APK Free

Current version: (2019.1003.21.0) v0.6.0 beta version
Latest update: October 29, 2019

Thanks to the improvement of AR technology, you can use the application and the camera in order to interact with the application, which will generate the game world in real time. You do not need to use glasses and a virtual reality helmet, because these devices are already built into Minecraft Earth apk. Just use your smartphone or tablet to see the virtual world of the game around you.
Download Minecraft Earth v1.0 MOD APK Free
Create creative buildings and just place its somewhere in the real world. The players around you will be able to see your building and in the same way you can see the buildings of other players.

Features of Minecraft Earth 0.6.0 Android

  • With this application, you can see how it would look like the street on which you live in the style of Minecraft
  • Simply point the camera at what you see and it instantly transforms into a cubic world. However, this is not all the chips of the application
  • Players in Minecraft Earth can interact with everything that they see on the screen of the smartphone
  • Download Minecraft Earth v1.0 MOD APK Free
  • Build and modify your creations
  • You can craft tools and new blocks
  • Collect resources on the surface and in dungeons
  • Looking on surrounding mobs on Android
  • Hunt on animals
  • Defend from monsters (Only in Hardcore)
  • Game day and night will last as a real day depending on your time zone
  • Download Minecraft Earth v1.0 MOD APK Free
  • Weather in Minecraft Earth is generated depending on real weather (Data are taken from weather forecasters)
  • Real events in your city will transform the game world
  • Download Minecraft Earth v1.0 MOD APK Free
  • Minecraft Earth has a redesigned gameplay part, where you can cross different creatures (including mobs) and create their own unique monsters. If you explain it in other words is a process of creativity on the similarity of the buildings, but creativity occurs above the mobs
  • New mobs will be generated near your creative buildings.

Download Minecraft Earth v1.0 MOD APK Free

Minecraft Earth 0.6.0 Overview

Final Verdict of Minecraft Earth

The main emphasis of the Minecraft Earth is made on the fact that players can show more physical activity, because for a full gameplay you need in any case to leave the house. You can also play with friends, which makes Minecraft Earth even more attractive game AR-project among those available on the game market. This is really a fresh breath of air for fans of Minecraft on smartphones that will appreciate the game.

Download Minecraft Earth v0.6.0 Android

Minecraft_Earth v0.4.2_mod.apk Beta version (65.54 Mb)
Minecraft_Earth v0.3.1_mod.apk Beta version (64.48 Mb)

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