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oCd 16x16 Texture Pack For Minecraft PE iOS and Android


oCd texture pack the perfect solution for those players who have terribly lag a pocket version of the game. oCd texture will suit you with its simplicity and minimal cost on the CPU load of your device. The graphics on the pocket version of the game Minecraft PE will be a little less detailed, but it does not prevent you to enjoy the game.

There are a lot of advantages texture oCd.. Tell only one.. If you are fan mods, and love to play with them, lowering the graphics quality in the game increases the FPS in the game, thus when you use mods the game will be a little less than more, but of course if you have a bit of a weak device...

Well, if you are looking for the more popular textures for Minecraft - Pocket Edition you may find a larger texture resolution : Texture for Minecraft: PE!

How to install texture pack oCd?:

  • Downloadable texture pack.
  • Start BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Click on the wrench, and then "Tuning BL"
  • Click on the "Texturepack" and then "Import".
  • Now you need to find the downloaded texture pack in the file system of your device and click on it.
  • Texture-pack installed!

03 Nov 2015
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