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List of Servers Mini-Games for Minecraft 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Play by yourself in Minecraft PE on your Android device of course exciting. The world is constantly evolving and there are new opportunities with each update, but much more fun to play on the servers that get players from different countries in one place and allow them to compete together. Minecraft servers with mini games are a favorite of many players, because they contain a large number different kinds of jobs that you will need to perform together or, Vice versa, trying to defeat all the other players. It is important to know what kind of server Minecraft mini-games popular and can accommodate a large number of other players, not to be in such a place all alone that's not interesting. At the moment version of the game Minecraft updated on many servers as a basic and available a lot of places where you can run.

Minecraft servers with mini granicrete servers with mini games include:

  • WorldCraft 0.13 – a very popular server with such mini-games like parkour and hide and seek. Very stable online and a large number of players. Also the admins here who are able to perform their tasks skillfully, Donate here is not as critical as is often the case. Also the server is on separate hardware and so is rather fast.

    IP: worldcraftpe.EN surprised r 12110:12110

  • SteepCraftPRO is a small but sensible project. Have the opportunity to play here over the network to a wide range of versions, starting from 0.11.1 and ending with the current release of Minecraft. Here you will find many different mini-games for every taste, and this is God's arena, parkour, bed wars, tnt run.

    IP: Port: 19135

  • Diamond World - FRESH EN is a server with a large number of slots available. In the daytime here you can find a lot of active players and helpful admins always follow the order. Of mini-games there are such things as God arena and parkour.

    IP: Port: 19132

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