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List of Servers Hunger Games for Minecraft 1.16.40, 1.16.20


On the Internet you can find a lot of different Minecraft PE servers PE, which presents certain opportunities for players, but that servers Minecraft PE hunger games give more adrenaline and fun to play. Of course, to access them you need a suitable version of the game at the moment is the actual Minecraft version, and the availability of a stable Internet connection. The last point is mandatory for superior comfort and the possibility of trouble-free survive when the collective game.

  • xGameWorld – on this server you literally have to survive. Quite a beautiful place the player spawn, there is a shop and many important elements. Donate possible for those who need it. Most importantly – here you can fight in PVP battles killing other characters of real players, but being cautious – you might get someone stronger than you. xGameWorld is option good servers Minecraft PE hunger games with constant improvements and modifications. It is available to players with the latest version of the game and has two options for connecting with different number of slots for simultaneous games, choose any:

    IP tongue ; (70 slots) Port:12021

    IP tongue (40 slots) Port:12098

  • UniqueWorld is a pretty stable server with good online. Here you can not worry about the quality of the game. Also excellent players have the opportunity to get VIP status for free. Drawings are held each Saturday. For the rest of the donut is provided.

    IP: Port: 19913

  • CreeperWorld – another good server-lived. For almost a year it exists on the Internet. Due to this, the guys know what to do, a team of administrators works well, as does the server. The website has a lot of my own plugins, but also has its well working anti-cheat, so you can count on a fair game each. The festive period can expect to receive in a random order any useful buns. Donat inexpensive and it can be much more useful to purchase.

    IP: Port: 13074

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