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Very Flat World Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


This seed has a very flat world MCPE. It's not so extraordinary, in any case, the world provides a great opportunity to build some structure without unnecessary removal of blocks because the world of MCPE practically tailored to you. If you are looking for the plane on which you could build some large-scale structure, the seed you should approach.

Spawn is in the lake, but don't worry, You don't have far to swim to shore. In almost every direction, when viewed from the lake, there are flat areas that are perfect for building any large-scale buildings. It's a lot easier than the worlds where you have to terraform the land for its construction.

This is a truly stunning seed with a large number of rivers, lakes and forests, and the resources you long time will not end! In the forests and out of the circle you will find many different kinds of animals that you can produce and cook their meat to support the physical shape of your character.



21 Jul 2016
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