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Hardcore Survival Island Village Seed For Minecraft PE 1.11, 1.10.0,


A strange island with a unique name, it is called the Apple Isle because there's something strange in the chest in the blacksmith. You will find 7 Apple in that chest, maybe this is the beginning of an Apple farm.

You will spawn on a small island. There will be built a small village. This village has horses, but no people, so you automatically become the king of this village. Place to land little, because it is an island and all around you water and some small Islands.

By the way, one of them a live chickens. On one mini-island you will find a couple of sheep. So if you do decide to create your own farm, then the animals will need to collect on different Islands.

In General, this water village looks nice, but the lack of inhabitants makes you feel lonely. However, there are many places and time to fish.



04 Mar 2017
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