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Underwater Temple Best Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


In this seed you will be able to find an underwater temple in MCPE, which was introduced in Minecraft PE version 0.15.9 (0.16.0)! To get an underwater temple you have to walk a bit before you see her! In temple, as expected, you will encounter guards that will attack you if you try to get into the castle.

And so how do you get to the underwater temple?! Once you have appeared in the world of MCPE, you will need to climb a small hill that is in front of you.

Further in the same direction continue to move some time.

When you get to the place where the right side is a pool of lava, you will need to turn right.

Continue along the shore to the spit which is shown in the screenshot below.

Then jump from the end of the braid in the water and you will see a underwater temple with guards!

I think you will have something to explore. Here are some screenshots of the underwater temple!

Seed: -1005362104

30 Aug 2016
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Total comments: 1
Can you tell me if I have to do some travelling when I jump in or if it should be right there? I reached the end of the braid but there's nothing there.
Any help would be much appreciated.