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Ocean Monument Seed For Minecraft PE 1.0, 0.16.2, 0.16.0
, 20:06
Rating: 3.4/15

This seed will take you in Minecraft PE straight to the ocean monument. The convenience of this seed is that you need to make a few steps to find the temple. You will not need to go far from spawn and a long walk to find this underwater structure.
Seed designed only for MCPE 0.15.9 and 0.16.0.

Let me explain to you how to make these 2 simple steps.

Spawn looks like this. It here possible to see the arrow-shaped torches of the direction.

Actually all. Upon entering the water, you immediately run into is simultaneously ancient and mysterious building, about which no one really knows anything.

Seed: -1643815014

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Total comments: 4
Doesnt work
It worked. Thx biggrin
This is awful, this seed is terrible and I'm tired of your seeds not working.