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» » Glacial tundra on spawn Seed For Minecraft PE

Glacial tundra on spawn Seed For Minecraft PE 1.2.7, 1.2.6, 1.2.0

2016-05-04, 11:25:30
Rating: 3.0/2

In this seed you appear near the biome Ice tundra. After appearing in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition you will need to walk a bit and cross the river, then you can see epic ice spikes. This ice biome has a stunning scale — You will need a lot of time to explore it.

After you appeared in the world of MCPE — turn left, then go in that direction. Cross the river — then you will find yourself in a snow biome. Keep going straight and soon you find yourself near the ice spikes.

It is certainly the largest glacial biome in which so many spikes of ice that I have ever seen. The ice biome is very large (large-scale) and in the image below, only part of it. After seeing the images you can already imagine how this is a huge biome.



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