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Glacial tundra on spawn Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


In this seed you appear near the biome Ice tundra. After appearing in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition you will need to walk a bit and cross the river, then you can see epic ice spikes. This ice biome has a stunning scale — You will need a lot of time to explore it.

After you appeared in the world of MCPE — turn left, then go in that direction. Cross the river — then you will find yourself in a snow biome. Keep going straight and soon you find yourself near the ice spikes.

It is certainly the largest glacial biome in which so many spikes of ice that I have ever seen. The ice biome is very large (large-scale) and in the image below, only part of it. After seeing the images you can already imagine how this is a huge biome.



04 May 2016
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