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Seeds with 25 diamonds under the Spawn for Minecraft PE 1.17.0, 1.16.221


One of the simplest and at the same time fruitful Seeds in the game Minecraft PE in which you can find a very large number of different items, and most importantly 25 diamonds.

After you appear in the seed of S. W. A. T is not in a hurry or move, just stand there and start digging. After a while you get into the cave.

Begin the movement by the cave in which you came, after we began to dig. Along the way you should meet first and only right turn. There you will see a big pile of coal blocks and start digging.

Further, if you are on the right track, you should see the water and to follow it up. If you continue on your path necessarily will be zombies which will mean that you're doing it right.

Next to the zombie spawn, you could find a chest, in which: 3 threads, 2 of gunpowder, a little wheat and a bucket. I do not advise you to dwell on this, because the real treasures lie ahead. You have to make a rotation around its axis and in front of you you'll find my first diamonds.

If you will move in the same direction, where they found the first 2 of them and go down into the water, you will find all the other diamonds.



08 Nov 2015
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