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Large Ice Spikes Biome Seed For MCPE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Ice Spikes Biome appeared in Minecraft PE quite a long time, but few people know about it, so as to find very difficult. We invite you to use this seed, to make the job easier. Many players use the biome as a background, which serves as a beautiful scenery on the layout of the building. You can use it to start as a great environment for survival. To survive here quite easily as you can climb on the icicles and hide from the monsters.

Suggest You use the seed on which generation You spawning in the forest, but nearby will be a rare biome of tall icy spikes.
Seed is for Minecraft PE 0.15.x and 0.16.0.

You a not immediately spawning in the right place:

To find the right place, go to in the direction of the winter biome from spawn:

There You will see ice spikes:

This is a great biome with high and ice spikes aimed at the sky.

Seed: 1507532159

09 Oct 2016
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