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Best Mountains Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.201, 1.16.40


Before you MCPE seed, which generate a very high mountains, probably some of the best that you can see. Once there, you'll be able to find applications for these areas, for example to build a house or fortress with a pool, to which it will be impossible to get there monsters.

These mountains are more like the canyon that gives the chance to combine these 2 mountains some bridge or transition. That was all nice, then in the middle of the bridge you can do the observation deck and enjoy the water running far down below, or see how to sit down and the sun rises.

Suggest You use a seed on the map where You will see huge mountains and will be able to settle next to a very beautiful site.
Seed intended for Minecraft PE 0.15.x and 0.16.0

After spawning You will be very close to the right place:

And the most beautiful grounds that I was talking about:

Seed: -1838333273

13 Sep 2016
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