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ItemCase 1.0.5 Plugin for Minecraft PE


If you decide to create a store on the server Minecraft PE then be sure to select the ItemCase plugin and use it to create beautiful and intuitive display of the goods. The essence of this plugin is that you can put an icon of any item in a glass block, and other players will not be able to understand the subject.

How does the plugin work?
To start, simply put the block of glass in any convenient for you place and pick up the item you want to put in the window and type in chat the command "/itemcase add", then tap the subject on the block of glass. To remove, simply break the block h, then in chat will appear confirming your action.

Team plugin ItemCase

  • /itemcase add - add item, which hold in your hands
  • /itemcase add item ID to add the object by its ID
  • /itemcase cancel - remove the object
  • /itemcase respawn - refresh added items


  • 09 Nov 2015
    Added by: ^^ADMIRALL^^ | Views: 5298 | Comments: 2

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    Total comments: 2
    why i have a bug ?
    Loading ItemCasePE v1.0.5
    2016-08-18 [14:40:12] [Server thread/EMERGENCY]: An unrecoverable error has occurred and the server has crashed. Creating a crash dump
    2016-08-18 [14:40:12] [Server thread/EMERGENCY]: Please upload the "/home/gs/gs/data/servers/3750114/crashdumps/CrashDump_Thu_Aug_18-14.40.12-CEST_2016.log" file to the Crash Archive and submit the link to the Bug Reporting page. Give as much info as you can.
    2016-08-18 [14:40:12] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: Error: "Call to a member function wait() on null" (EXCEPTION) in "/src/raklib/server/ServerHandler" at line 69
    2016-08-18 [14:40:12] [Server thread/EMERGENCY]: Crashed while crashing, killing process
    it is necessary to rewrite the path to the new libraries