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Wyverns Mod For Minecraft PE 0.14.1, 0.14.0
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Wild Wyverns mod adds in the world Minecraft Pocket Edition is a new kind of dragon that dwelleth in the nether world. Wyverns — hostile creatures that will try to attack you. When you kill one dragon (Wyvern) — you will have the chance to get the egg.

Using the resulting eggs you can grow your own dragon. When you grow your own Wyvern — you will be able to fly it. Wyverns exist in six different colors. Black and white Wyverns are considered the best because they are more powerful and fast compared to other Dragons. These types of dragons will give you night vision when you saddle them.

The domestication of:
Wyverns — hostile mobs that come from the Lower World. You have to kill these creatures in the Lower world to get their eggs. Using those eggs you will be able to generate their own Nevernov.

To go to the Lower world, use the portal to the Lower World. To do this, build a structure with 14 blocks of obsidian, and then using the lighter to activate the portal by pressing one of the two lower blocks.

Set the game difficulty to maximum. If you do not, then the Wyverns will not be raised in the Lower world.

They will fly so to try to kill them you may need to bow. The eggs of these creatures are quite rare, so before you get the egg you may need to kill a few such creatures.

Now when you already have the egg, through the portal to the Lower world return to the ordinary world, where you will be able vylepit egg. Place the egg on the ground (preferably in a closed area, like in the image below), and wait when it will hatch with little Wyverns.

It took us about 3 minutes before the Eggs hatched. It is not yet fully grown Wyverns — he needs a little more time before becoming great.

Riding tops:
After he grew up, you will be able to place it on the saddle for a good ride. To ride a Wyvern — click on it empty handed. To get out of it — hit the jump button.

There are 6 different species of Wyverns, which differ only in color. If You manage to grow black or white Wyvern — you will get the effect of night vision when driving on them. In addition they are much faster and stronger.

If your Wyvern gets injured from blows — feed him raw fish to restore his health.

The ID of the items / crafting Recipes
All items can be obtained in the inventory of creative mode. If you play in survival mode — use the mod Toolbox.

Install wild Wyverns:
  • Download mod.
  • Start BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Click on the Allen key.
  • Go to "ModPE Script".
  • Enable mods and click "Add".
  • Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
  • Mod installed, we now install textures!

    Install texture wild Wyverns:
  • Download texture.
  • Start BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Click on the Allen key.
  • Go to Settings BL.
  • Enable textures.
  • Go to Texture pack and click Import.
  • Now you need to find the downloaded texture pack in the file system of your device and click on it.
  • Mod and texture installed, enjoy the game!

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