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Random Block Mod For Minecraft PE 1.9.0, 1.8.0, 1.7.0

Random Block Mod For Minecraft PE
Random Block mod for Minecraft PE is designed to create blocks that will give the player random items, whenever you destroy it. After you create the block, you need to put it in any convenient place and break, then on the earth will appear random objects such as diamonds, gold, weapons and more. But if you are less fortunate, then you will crowd of mobs, rain of TNT and many other troubles that fall on your head with mod Random Block.

Mod is a kind of a well known lottery, in which you can get a lot of money, only in our case, if luck will turn away from you, you most likely will die.

How does the mod?

The first thing to do is craft special Minecraft PE block which will give a variety of things, the crafting recipe is below:
Random Block Mod For Minecraft PE
Once you have a sufficient number of "random blocks", can install one of them, in any place convenient for you and break it down and in its place should appear random objects.
Random Block Mod For Minecraft PE
Random Block Mod For Minecraft PE
The most interesting thing in the Random Block mod for Pocket Edition is that it doesn't always give you useful things, sometimes, instead of resources or weapons you can get a whole crowd of spiders, zombies or even TNT that will explode.
Random Block Mod For Minecraft PE
Random Block Mod For Minecraft PE
If you love to gamble and you like the feeling of excitement, then this mod will love you and you will be able to check how lucky you are.
Updated: modification compatible with 1.7.x versions

How to install mod Random Block?:

  • Downloadable mod.
  • Software download need BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Go to settings BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Select from the menu that appears [ModPE Script].
  • Click button [Add].
  • Click [Add].
  • In the [import script] select [phone memory].
  • Go to the folder in which are preserved mod.
  • The mod should be in the format (.js).
  • Select the desired mod.
  • Mod installed, have fun!

22 Oct 2015
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