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Mod Mech Tanks for Minecraft PE 0.12.1 and 0.11.1
, 15:10
Rating: 4.0/1

If you were looking for tank mod on for Minecraft PE 0.12.1 and 0.11.1 and then present you Mech Tanks Mod which will allow you to ride in a tank and shoot it. The power of the shot from the gun is approximately equal to the explosion of dynamite, very bad destroys a large number of blocks in one shot. Also this mod will be useful in case you go to destroy a couple of mobs. The range of applications of this tank is very large and is limited only by your imagination.

The ID of the items:

Key - 471
Truckee - 485
Body - 486
Tower - 487
Tank entirely - 488
Fuel - 475

If you like military equipment, then this mod on the tank for Pocket Edition, you will love it and will give you probably to ride on a tank in the pleasure and to destroy anything that stands in your way firing guns

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